Business Restructuring Strategy

After the new «Economic-business environment caused by the COVID-19 crisis», companies may be forced into a state of «financial insolvency», to overcome which they must initiate a process of Business Refloating, that is, an operational restructuring and financial company.

To determine whether the company should initiate a Business Refloating process, it is necessary to carry out a Business Diagnosis in order to determine the main causes that have originated the Financial Insolvency.

The BGOgrupo team is aware of the great challenge that managers face when they find themselves in a situation of financial insolvency and operational restructuring of the company when it comes to: The correct decision-making

Management teams in this environment of uncertainty face the following challenges that they must solve properly, and they raise some of these questions of vital importance for the survival of the company


We help you with questions like...

  • In what areas of the company can I optimize and improve results?
  • What financing strategy is the most appropriate to generate short-term liquidity?
  • Why is the company not working according to the defined objectives?
  • How should I approach the company for its correct Digital Transformation?
  • Should I expand my sales team or boost online sales?
  • Should I hire new managers?
  • Why aren’t staff performing as expected?
  • How can I reduce costs and be more efficient?
  • Should I expand the workforce or implement an RPA for the automation of administrative processes?
  • What do I have to do to make my production process more agile and flexible?

Understand, advise and solve

Our job is to understand, advise and resolve complex situations associated with business restructuring processes, in order to find an optimal solution, taking into account the circumstances and needs of each case.

We help management teams, shareholders, financial institutions and other creditors to define a solid platform for the recovery of the business so that confidence in the company is restored again, adding value in all phases of the process and establishing information channels between The interested parts.



Initial financial and operational diagnosis

Diagnose the Company and carry out a brief Business Feasibility Study.


Operational and Economic-Financial Analysis

In-depth analysis at an operational and financial level of the real situation of the company


Operational and Financial Viability Plan

The operational and financial Viability Plan is the tool and roadmap that we use to proceed Refloat the company


Operational and financial Execution Plan

It is the plan of operational and financial actions necessary to achieve the refloating of the company, which implies the execution of actions in the key areas of the company, as well as an action plan for the new optimized financial structure.


Monitoring and formalization plan

Analysis of the evolution of the operational and financial viability plan, as well as the formalization of the new financial structure.


Improve the company's results in sales and market positioning

Obtain an optimal financial structure to generate liquidity and solvency

Reduction of financial costs by reducing debt levels

Restructure the company at the operational level and increase effectiveness and efficiency

Plan the growth of the company in a horizon of 3 to 5 years

Determine business opportunities and markets of interest

Description of the market, existing or to be created

Obtaining a competitive advantage and added value against the competition

Reach "digital maturity" through the Digital Transformation process


Equipment and added value

At BGOgrupo we have a multidisciplinary team and we work in an integrated way and in close collaboration with other professionals, lawyers, auditors, strategic consultants and sector experts, making sure to provide our clients with the comprehensive specialized knowledge they need.

The BGOgrupo team of professionals has extensive experience and knowledge, which allows it to deal with the management of these types of situations in a realistic, agile and effective way.

We work together with the Management to carry out operational changes and increase in value, taking into account the circumstances and particularities of the company and the sectors in which they operate.

We know that management teams have limited time and may not have the restructuring skills available within their organization.

The BGOgrupo’s team, we develop and implement realistic and pragmatic plans that give the management team confidence to undertake complicated decisions and generate changes in a short space of time.


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