Capital raising and investor search


Capital raising and investor search

  • For companies it is vital to have alternative financing formulas. The BGOgrupo Finance team offers you different financing possibilities tailored to the needs of your company.
  • We have the vision and the professionals to maximize the value of your financing, investment and divestment processes
  • We advise Private Equity funds and financial investors.
  • We help in the search of financial partners for industrial companies
  • We advise management teams in processes of Management Buy Out – MBOs, Management Buy In – MBIs, Secondary Buy Out – SBOs, etc.
  • BGOgrupo is responsible for the search, location and negotiation with the necessary investors for the development, survival, expansion and future of the company



Initial strategic diagnosis

  • We help identify the best investment objectives.
  • We identify synergies and potential opportunities for improvement
  • We carry out an analysis and assessment of the target company


Advice on the transaction

  • We provide comprehensive advice on investment and divestment processes
  • We carry out due diligence with a multidisciplinary approach (financial, legal, fiscal, labor, strategic, commercial, market, operational, environmental, systems, etc.),
  • Identifying risks and contingencies in accordance with the activity and providing solutions to them
  • We help to negotiate the best terms and conditions of the transaction and to optimize the guarantees and responsibilities agreed.
  • We advise on the design and execution of the optimal structures for the transaction in order to maximize profits


Financing structuring and investor search

  • We advise on the search and structuring of financing
  • We advise in the search for financing in capital markets and other sources of financing
  • We advise on debt restructuring processes and recapitalizations


Post-transaction advice

  • We help manage the integration process, especially in the early stages, when it is essential to stabilize the business and avoid any loss of value
  • Advice to our clients in the divestment of non-strategic business assets
  • We help improve performance in the short and medium term by reducing costs, simplifying organizational structures and processes
  • We advise you on consolidation and build up processes
  • We advise on divestment processes maximizing the return on the operation.


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