Company valuation


Valuation of companies and business lines

Knowing the value of a company is essential to survive in today’s markets and ensure business success.

We offer advisory services related to value, its measurement and the analysis of the best strategic options for its maximization.

Likewise, we offer an expert and independent opinion, not biased by the interest in a certain result or action, through the application of valuation methodologies and techniques based on the capitalized experiences with different clients, as well as on the sectorial knowledge of our professionals.

Analysis and determination of the value of companies, business lines, share packages and debt instruments directly or indirectly related to possible transactions between shareholders and investors.

Issuance of value opinions as an independent expert, as well as Fairness Opinion. Valuations for tax and legal reasons, as well as valuations derived from the application of accounting regulations.

Why value a company or line of business?

The value of a company or of its shares or participations, lines of business is a key piece of information in:

  • Purchase and sale transactions.
  • Search for investors.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Capital increases.
  • Debt restructuring.
  • Tax and taxation.
  • Business succession processes.
  • Exit of shareholder partners from the company.
  • Start-up assessments for the preparation of a business plan and a feasibility plan.
  • Quantification of intangible assets and goodwill in potential transactions with shareholders and investors.



Initial financial and operational diagnosis

Diagnose the Company and carry out a brief Feasibility Study of the Company.


Operational and Economic-Financial Analysis

In-depth operational and financial analysis of the company’s actual situation.


Operational and Financial Feasibility Plan

The Operational and Financial Viability Plan is the tool and roadmap we use to proceed to Refloat the company.


Operational and Financial Implementation Plan

It is the plan of operational and financial actions necessary to achieve the turnaround of the company, which involves the execution of actions in the key areas of the company, as well as an action plan for the new optimized financial structure.


Monitoring and formalisation plan

Analysis of the evolution of the operational and financial viability plan, as well as the formalization of the new financial structure.


Equipment and added value

At BGOgrupo we have a multidisciplinary team and work in an integrated manner and in close collaboration with other professionals, lawyers, auditors, strategic consultants and industry experts, ensuring that we provide our clients with the comprehensive expertise they need.

BGOgrupo’s team of professionals has extensive experience and knowledge, which allows them to deal with this type of situations in a realistic, agile and efficient manner.

We work together with management to implement operational and value-enhancing changes taking into account the circumstances and particularities of the company and the industries in which they operate.

We know that management teams have limited time and may not have the restructuring skills available within their organization.

The BGOgrupo team, we develop and implement realistic and pragmatic plans that give the management team the confidence to tackle difficult decisions and generate change in a short period of time.


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