Financial Optimization Consulting

In this environment of financial-business uncertainty, it is vitally important to know in depth what the financial health of any company is, regardless of its size and sector of activity.

All this in relation to its evolution and future financial projection and the correct business decision making, which must be adopted in this dynamic and changing economic environment.

The company management, surely, that in the development of its activity some of these questions arise:

  1. Am I clear about the company’s strategy to respond to new competitive situations?
  2. Do I know the probability of bankruptcy of the company?
  3. Do I have a good forecast of the treasury before I have liquidity problems?
  4. If I had to make a new investment. Do I know how the economic evolution of the company will be to face this investment? Would the new investment be made with your own or other people’s funds?
  5. Is my company’s indebtedness correct in terms of quantity and quality?

The team of professionals in the financial area can give you an answer to this and many other questions that may arise in the development of your activity.


What we do?

We advise our clients to develop a solid financial strategy in the short, medium and long term, we help them in making financial decisions, planning and control of the company, to use in an intelligent and efficient way, all financial resources as well as non-financial, available to the company to achieve the expected profitability objectives, quickly and easily.

We advise our clients by helping them to adequately plan the financial needs of the company, achieving an optimal financial structure adapted to the current situation, in relation to their operational and liquidity needs.

Some of the objectives of financial consulting is that the management of the company can:

Make optimal financing decisions.

Efficiently manage the financial and non-financial resources of the company.

Optimize costs.

Improve profitability.

Generate value in the company.

Make informed investment and divestment decisions.

Increase liquidity, with proper management of collections and payments and tax savings.

The BusinessGoOn team has experts in the development of financial strategies that will generate value for the company and shareholders.

Carrying out a Financial Diagnosis of the company, you will be able to obtain a snapshot of the real economic-financial situation of your company. To know where it is and based on it what to do to achieve business objectives. Either because it has entered a situation of treasury tensions and crisis or because it has expansion and growth plans.


Know the economic and financial situation of the company

Viability plan and diagnosis of the company for its improvement or refloating.

Design and implement a financial strategy that guarantees solvency and liquidity.

Analyze, costs and margins to improve the contribution margin

They optimized the fiscal policy of the company.

Improved Control with projects in Power BI

Automation of processes in the financial area to increase productivity and efficiency.

Studies of feasibility reports of investments / projects, strategic reorientations.

Strategic cost reduction plan.

Implementation of strategic control systems for the management of companies, through measurement criteria: KPI's, for subsequent monitoring.

Analysis and management of profitability / contribution margin (by products, clients, business lines.)

Development of Business Plan and strategy to be followed in the future.

Support in business management of generational change. Family succession.

They optimized payments in ways and times.

Preparation of the financing plan.

Feasibility studies for new projects.

Relationship with financial entities, financing, credit and risk management.

Reduction of financial and banking costs depending on the size and solvency of the company.


The experience of our team will advise you in all phases of the process to carry out an optimal Financial Strategy:


Financial Diagnosis

  • Assess the current financial status of the company
  • Project an improvement strategy according to objectives.


Preparation of the financial plan

  • Setting the objectives of the company in the short, medium and long term.
  • Analysis of capital and investment forecasts.
  • Preparation of the Financial Strategy.


Implementation of the Financial Action Plan

  • Execution of the Financial Action Plan.
  • Coordination with the management of the company.



  • Continuous and exhaustive periodic monitoring.
  • Adaptation and corrections to the financial strategy action plan.

Financial Advice of External company

BusinessGoOn’s team of professionals, specialized in the financial area, is configured as a strategic partner for the company.

With the financial advice of an external company, you will be able to count on specialized professionals, who will advise you in a personalized way and will give you an answer to all the financial questions that may be generated in the development of your activity, you will be able to analyze the viability of your new investments , which assets of the company are the most suitable for divestments, preparation of a financial plan to optimize costs and improve profitability, etc.


As a consequence, it will allow the company to focus mainly on its core business and optimize the management of human and financial resources that are not from the main strategic areas of the company’s activity and thereby generate more efficiency and productivity.


We talk with you

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