Digital Strategy

It is the strategy to optimize the use of digital marketing tools within the competitive digital scene of the company.

Implementing an effective digital strategy in digital environments is crucial to maintaining relevance, differentiation and value creation.

At BusinessGoOn we help clients implement strategies that unify businesses and technology architectures, as well as generate growth and gain competitive advantage.

We provide a unique methodology to our clients’ digital strategy, a key fact that allows us to incorporate analysis, prediction and interaction models between channels, markets and clients.

All of this focused on achieving and implementing an omnichannel model which requires two essential variables to carry it out successfully: strategic vision and technological development to integrate the different channels through which the «new customer» interacts.

Machine learning gives us facilities at work, collecting data and using it to simplify and improve processes by generating predictions based on work patterns.

The potential that Marketing Automation solutions generate to the Marketing and communication strategy of a company is enormous, whether in the online channel or in Omnichannel.

Marketing Automation aims to generate actions under technological solutions to automate the processes of obtaining leads and sales.

The benefits that Marketing Automation can bring
  • It effectively manages the budget since it reduces the personnel required to carry out any action with the consequent cost efficiency.
  • Schedule messages for a time and date in the future, with the consequent optimization of time.
  • Track and monitor each action you are taking while obtaining all the results in graphs and statistics.
  • Database segmentation.
  • Knowledge of your customer and potential customer through your browsing habits.
  • Creation and dissemination of your brand image on multiple channels.
1. Amazon Plan (B2C)

Ideal for those companies that sell to individuals, and want to promote their national or international sales, in Europe or the US, being able to study the use of logistics and marketing on Amazon as a project complement.

  • Strategic introduction plan in Amazon: analysis of sector and competitors, selection of markets and other recommendations.
  • Selection of logistics model (Amazon logistics advice)
  • Model choice: Seller vs Vendor
  • Account opening and configuration
  • Product catalog registration
2. Alibaba Plan (B2B)

Alibaba is the leading marketplace for global business-to-business relationships, with 160 million registered buying and importing companies. The objective is to sell to professionals anywhere in the world, including Spanish professionals. As in the Amazon case, this service consists of 2 clearly differentiated areas:

  • Strategic penetration plan in Alibaba: analysis of the sector, countries that demand the most, selection of criteria to filter quotes requests, etc.
  • Profile registration, verification and configuration process.
  • Design and development of a multi-language corporate minisite.
  • Registration and initial SEO optimization of the product catalog.

Inbound Marketing consists of reaching the user in a non-intrusive way, but by attracting him, generating content or actions that are interesting to him.

At BusinessGoOn we work on Inbound Marketing, with a perfect mix between place, time and content. Focusing not only on identifying the target audience but also analyzing, understanding and identifying their interest and preferences. From here, once we are able to offer you what is interesting to you (and, in this way, achieve the defined conversion goals), we carry out a strategy focused on increasing traffic to the website, e-commerce, etc.

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media
  • Online Reputation,
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Lead Nurtuting.

Outbound Marketing consists of the set of actions focused on selling products or services to users in a unidirectional way. The communication is made from the company to the user in order to achieve a contact or sale conversion.

Although Outbound Marketing is the opposite of Inbound Marketing, at BusinessGoOn we think that a mixed strategy is the best way to develop the perfect digital strategy.

  • Email Marketing
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Online Marketing: Retargeting and Remarketing.
  • Social Media Ads

To ensure that the customer experience is truly focused on your consumer, you will need to create a customer experience strategy with the channels, content and technology necessary to drive it.

Now more than ever, consumers fall in love with what lies behind a brand’s actions and expect a company’s values to match their own. We’ll take a closer look at your business to find out what real motivation is behind it and shape the brand identity you need to further engage your ideal audience and reach the top.

We believe that a great user experience is about optimizing the ability of customers to use and enjoy web pages, applications and other digital platforms. After all, any interaction with online platforms is an interaction with the brand and an opportunity to create unforgettable moments with customers.

Our UX solutions don’t just focus on creating dynamic and cohesive experiences across all channels – we create, test, implement and optimize digital experiences that any customer loves to interact with.

With an increasingly connected world, conceiving e-commerce websites on an international scale can be a daunting task. In this process, our client wants a balance between the need to localize content and maintain a consistent user experience.

At BusinessGoOn we create highly designed e-commerce websites optimized for the best user experience, as well as adapting them to international markets. It does not matter if you are looking to create an online store or another transactional platform such as a travel or accommodation reservation page: we combine the latest online payment technology with security to make sure that the purchase goes smoothly from anywhere in the world.

As the digital world moves into a world that prioritizes mobile, there is a great incentive to offer mobile services. But for yours to be successful, you need consistency in functionality across all of your platforms, from apps to your website to your social media profiles.

Planning and technology


Situation analysis

+ Internal Analysis

+ Digital environment competition analysis

+ SWOT analysis


Determination of objectives

+ Analysis of the target audience: buyer personas

+ Choice of channels: Customer journey

+ Determination of objectives


Design and creation of the strategy

+ Analysis of the platforms involved

+ Types of digital marketing strategy: Content, social networks, SEO, SEM, e-mail marketing, etc.


Creation of the digital strategy

+ Calendar of actions and editorial

+ GANT diagram


Results measurement

+ Measurement of KPIs indicators


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