Funds & Risk Capital

We work closely with national and international venture capital entities and funds and family offices, in the constitution of investment vehicles, management and mechanization of accounting and compliance with tax obligations.

In addition, due to our high specialization we provide independent advice on their transactions.

All of them carried out through our team of professionals who have extensive experience and specialization in the sector.

Our Services

  • Advice The Constitution of Investiment Vehicles
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Operations and Transactions


Advice The Constitution of Investiment Vehicles

We have a highly specialized team in the sector, to be able to offer a tailor-made suit in the development of the investment project.

From the advice in the search and selection of the best alternative of the investment vehicle to constitute, both nationally and internationally.

The constitution of the investment vehicle, carrying out all the procedures in the different official and regulatory bodies in each country.

Advice on the sale or dissolution of the investment vehicle

All this considering the best options from the financial, fiscal and legal perspective of the investment project.

What do we do:

  • Advice on the best selection of investment alternatives.
  • Participation in the structuring of the funds.
  • Financial and fiscal optimization of the investment vehicle.
  • Management and completion of procedures with public bodies and state regulators.


Accounting and Taxation

Due to the experience and high specialization of our team in the accounting and tax field of investment funds.

What do we do:

Financial and accounting area.

  • Preparation of accounting entries and diaries, ledgers and balance sheets.
  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Periodic and personalized reporting of the financial situation.
  • Accounting analysis and advice.
  • Management of analytical and cost procedures.
  • Support in external audits.
  • Accounting and financial advice.

Tax Area.

  • Preparation and presentation of tax returns and settlements.
  • Management and monitoring of digital certificates.
  • Advice on applicable tax deductions and benefits.
  • Advice on the taxation of the partner-company relationship.
  • Advice on tax optimization.
  • Assistance in tax inspections.
  • Advice on international tax planning.
  • Resolution of queries and doubts in financial and tax matters that may result from the regular operation of the activity.


Online methodology:

We have a platform specialized in the management of documentation and communication with the client so that the process of processing documentation and communication with the client is easy, safe, fast and efficient.

  • Communicate with a personal manager online through multiple channels. Telephone. chat, video call or e-mail.
  • Manage, upload and save any type of documentation in the cloud, within a secure environment.
  • Monitor your project or service and know at all times where it is.
  • Sign documents online, with electronic signature, quickly and easily.
  • Have a private area with access from any device.


Operations and Transactions

Our multidisciplinary and specialized team advises you in the different phases of a transaction.

From the initial investment to the exit strategy, through the advisory phase in portfolio management.

All this through a coordinated, multidisciplinary and sector-oriented approach.

1.- Prior strategic advice

  • We help you identify the best investment objectives and carry out a strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • We identify synergies and potential opportunities for improvement
  • We carry out an analysis and assessment of the target company.

2.- Advice on the transaction

  • We provide you with comprehensive and coordinated advice on investment and divestment processes.
  • We help you negotiate the best terms and conditions of the transaction.
  • We advise you on the design and execution of the optimal and efficient structures for the transaction to maximize profits.


3.-Advice on the search and structuring of financing

  • We advise you in the search and structuring of financing
  • We help you in the search for financing to boost growth: capital markets and other sources of financing
  • We advise you on debt restructuring and recapitalization processes

4.- Post-transaction advice

  • We help you manage the post deal integration process, with the aim of stabilizing the business and avoiding any loss of value
  • Advice to our clients in the divestment of non-strategic business assets
  • We advise you on consolidation and build up processes

5.- Advice on exit or divestment

  • We advise you on exit or divestment processes, maximizing the return on the operation.
  • We help you in the IPO processes: BME GROWT.
  • We help you in the search and access to private and institutional investors.


We have a personalized online platform to know in real time what the project is in, communicate with your personal manager and share documentation online in a secure environment.

An available and personalized manager, who will answer your questions or queries by mail, telephone, videoconference or in person.

Regular meetings to inform you of the economic-financial situation of the investment vehicle.

Regular meetings to inform you of the most appropriate tax strategy to optimize fiscally and achieve tax savings.

Carrying out procedures and changes in the corresponding official and regulatory bodies.

Team with extensive professional experience, committed to a high specialization in the sector of venture capital entities and family offices.

You will achieve significant cost savings with the outsourcing of accounting and tax services.


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