International Expansion

At BGOgrupo we help the company to reduce the level of uncertainty and minimize risks in its internationalization process.

From BGOgrupo we adapt to the particularities and situation of your international project, helping you in any of the phases of the process.

What do we do?


What is international expansion?

  • We carry out the Internationalization Diagnosis to analyze the company’s ability to address the international expansion process.
  • We advise on the constitution of subsidiary companies in the target countries where the company wants to establish itself.
  • We prepare and advise on the preparation of an International Financial Plan, analyzing which would be the most optimal financial strategy to successfully carry out the internationalization process.
  • We carry out the international tax planning of the company, and its relationship between the parent company and its subsidiaries. With the aim of optimizing the payment of taxes, both direct and indirect.
  • We advise and support the raising of private capital and the search for financing, with the aim of designing an optimal financing structure for the development of the international project.
  • We provide comprehensive advice on mergers and acquisitions of foreign companies, within their international expansion process. As well as, in the valuation of goodwill, brands, share packages located in other countries.



Diagnosis of company Internationalization.

Analysis of the operational and financial capacities of the company to develop the internationalization project.


Internationalization Strategy.

We prepare and develop the company’s international expansion strategy from a legal, operational, financial and fiscal perspective.


Implementation of the Internationalization Strategy

Together with the company management, we execute the action plan for the development of the internationalization project.


Diagnosis of company Internationalization.

We regularly monitor the actions of the internationalization project.


Equipment and added value

Our team of professionals helps you focus on the key questions to achieve and implement the capital structuring objectives and obtain funds in line with the defined strategy.

  • You will know what is your best financing strategy for the current situation.
  • You will optimize your strategy with the best market conditions.
  • You will maximize your value to shareholders and stakeholders.


We talk with you

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