The Naval Industry is a strategic link for the development of countries, both for its direct contribution to their economies and for being a fundamental pillar for the development of other activities: the transport of goods, the use of resources of marine origin or tourism, among other.

The Naval Industry allocates its production to the construction, transformation and repair of ships, marine devices and nautical vessels, as well as to the manufacture of the equipment and systems that are incorporated on board.

The comprehensive vision of the state of this industrial sector and the definition of a roadmap for its strengthening, require the consideration of the different characteristics and factors of influence on the competitiveness of the following activities:


Construction and transformation of ships and marine devices.

Naval repair and maintenance.

Construction of nautical and recreational boats.

Complementary naval auxiliary industry.

The naval sector needs a process of transformation at a structural level, which goes through an ecological transition and digital transformation where companies linked to the naval sector so that they can boost their productivity and competitiveness.

Some necessary lines of action would be:


Training and education of professionals to ensure quality employment, gender equality and the adaptation of workers to new technologies and ways of working.

Supply chain platforms to integrate shipyards, suppliers, collaborating industry and SMEs in the sector through commonly used technologies.

Automation of production processes to maximize the productivity of operations

Digitization of business processes to create economies of scale or new green and digital products and services, to increase the value proposition of Spanish shipyards and sustainable product and factory, to promote circular economy activities and sustainability of the sector.


What do we do?

Attraction of investment and financing for the construction, transformation and repair of shipyards and docks

Attracting investment and financing for the construction, transformation and repair of ships and ocean liners.

Analysis of financial-viability of Shipyards.

Study of economic and financial viability of naval projects



Initial Diagnostic

  • An initial diagnosis of the viability of the naval financing / investment project will be carried out.


Financing Strategy

  • Advice on the structuring strategy for the financing of the naval project.
  • Design of the financing strategy with potential investors / financers.


Execution of the financing strategy

  • Execution of the action plan in search of potential investors / financiers according to the needs required by the naval project.
  • Beginning of negotiations, letter of intent and confidentiality.
  • We advise in the search for financing in capital markets and other sources of financing.


Follow Up

  • Carrying out a periodic monitoring of the action plan of potential investors.
  • Due diligence.
  • Drafting of contracts and signing of the operation.


Multidisciplinary and highly qualified team made up of proven professionals from the Naval sector.

Specialization in Naval-Maritime projects.

We provide comprehensive and modular solutions based on the needs of each client or naval project.

We apply fundamental and common sense criteria in our valuations, conducting an in-depth study of each of the assets, with independent decision-making.

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