Robotic Process Automation: RPA

It is the technology that allows you to configure a software or «robot» to control and interpret existing applications and thus be able to process a transaction, manipulate data, trigger responses and communicate with other digital systems.

Use RPA to automate routine, standardized tasks that require workflows, data-driven decisions, and adaptability.

RPA can improve process performance by providing a flexible and scalable digital workforce that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, executing defined tasks that adhere to defined operational rules.

By combining the power of leading automation tool vendors and analytical capabilities, BusinessGoOn’s robotic process automation practice ensures greater operational efficiency and cost savings.


Automatable tasks with RPA

  • Open email, extract and archive attachments.
  • Interact with desktop and web applications.
  • Move files and folders.
  • Copy and paste.
  • Fill out forms.
  • Read and write to database.
  • Get data from the internet.
  • Perform calculations with data from different systems.
  • Extract data from unstructured documents (Invoices, Delivery Notes, etc.)
  • Recopilar y lanzar acciones en función de interacciones en redes sociales.
  • Integrarse con aplicaciones via API o interfaz humano.
  • Realizar cálculos con datos procedentes de distintos sistemas.
  • Extraer datos de documentos no estructurados (Facturas, Albaranes, etc.)
  • Recopilar y lanzar acciones en función de interacciones en redes sociales.
  • Integrarse con aplicaciones via API o interfaz humano


How we do it?

Personalization and adaptation

Customizing and adapting our RPA solutions to the needs of each company, in this way, it is possible to automate complete processes, end to end, or only a part of them.

Own developments & third party solutions

We work with our own developments and with third-party solutions, in this way we achieve the customization of the RPA solution, making this technology accessible to any company, of any sector and size.


Our RPA solutions can be integrated with any ERP with which the company works.



Smart Business Automation Strategy

BusinessGoOn’s robotic process automation services enable our clients to explore, analyze, and drive automation across the enterprise using Analytics, IoT, and AI.

BusinessGoon analyzes and identifies areas of the company that can be automated, and designs a roadmap and provides support for its implementation.

  • Design and analysis of the company’s value chain
  • Analysis and detection of key risks and opportunities.
  • Analyze the impact on strategic business objectives.
  • Design and development of an automation strategy for the company with a RoadMap.




Analysis of automation opportunities

RPA assessment helps organizations identify automation opportunities across business units to optimize and speed up human task execution by automating steps in the process that are repetitive and follow fixed business rules.




Design of automation solutions

BusinessGoOn analyzes and assesses the capabilities of different digital solutions, detects potential risks, minimizes transition and integration risks, and aligns the interests of key departments to achieve optimal results for the company.



Automation implementation

By providing end-to-end automation services, we can ensure that the solution is implemented as designed, meeting the milestones and KPIs set.



Tracking and optimization

The automation process will be monitored, taking as reference the predefined milestones, as well as the pre-established KPI variables.

Similarly, robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent process automation (IPA) make it possible to automate different business processes by eliminating repetitive tasks and promoting organization efficiency.

One of the main challenges for organizations is to achieve the flexibility and agility necessary to adapt to the rapid and continuous movements of the market, managing operational and financial risks, increasing at the same time business profitability and customer satisfaction. For this, today, the experiences of many organizations that have implemented RPA / IPA report great benefits, with very high cost savings and significant reductions in service times to their customers.

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Cost reduction

The automation of processes allows generating significant cost savings in the human team. The cost of a robot on average is one third of the cost of a person. In addition, they increase performance thanks to their continuous adaptation and optimization, resulting in greater savings.

Time and productivity savings

Smart robots can work continuously without rest 24x7x365, they are programmed to work in the most efficient way. The robots have no breaks, no vacations, no absences, or delays. They improve general operational efficiency by reducing the current time to resolve any type of incident or operation.


The robotization of automated processes allows eliminating human error, which in the case of repetitive tasks is established between 6% and 9%. Robots have unlimited attention spans, have no distractions, and make no mistakes in their calculations. When a robot encounters a transaction that does not conform to its rules or parameters, such operation is intended for the attention of a human being after

Progressivity and scalability

The RPA solution can be progressive and scalable based on the needs of the business. If at any given time it is necessary to considerably increase the processing capacity, it can be done simply and without making large investments. It will simply be necessary to assign a greater number of robots that can start working immediately.

Advanced analytics

RPA is designed to collect and report a large amount of performance data in the form of key KPI analysis. This information is used to continuously improve the system, and to have exact information on the savings generated and productivity. RPA tools allow you to know in real time the work done, how many transactions have been processed, time spent on each transaction, etc.

Business adaptability

No matter the business sector, robotic process automation adapts to each the needs of your business. Regardless of its particularities: banking, industry, commerce, telecommunications, insurance, health, etc. Its implementation in the company allows workers to be more creative by freeing them from repetitive tasks, giving them more time to resolve incidents and serve the customer.

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