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Companies in this new Post-Covid era have to reflect on how to face the great challenges that the new normal faces them. One of which is liquidity and solvency in the short, medium and long term of the company. In this way, many issues can arise in the management teams of companies, such as:

  • What financing strategy is the most appropriate for this new business environment?
  • How do I maximize shareholder value and all stakeholders?
  • How can I identify the different financing options that the market offers me?
  • What is the optimal investor profile for my company?
  • What sources of financing are more suitable: debt or equity entry?
  • How do I execute the financing operations and achieve the best conditions?
  • Business leaders must act with conviction, even in times of increasing complexity, uncertainty and disruption.

They need clear, concise, and grounded perspectives on the important trends that are currently redefining the environments in which they operate.

From BusinessGoOn, we offer you the best solutions in the search for financing and investors for your investment project.


Search of investors

The type of investment, the types of investors and their participation within the company vary depending on the state in which your investment project is located. That is why we help you to identify the stage in which your investment project is located, in order to be able to adapt the investor’s search to the stage of development in which your project is located.

BusinessGoOn offers the investor search service by presenting your project to potential investors of different types in order to raise funds.

Potential investors can be:

  • Business Angels,
  • Seed Capital Funds
  • Venture Capital Funds,
  • Family offices
  • Private Investors.

BusinessGoOn selects the most suitable investors and contacts each of them for the presentation of their investment project.

During the process of finding investors for your project. BusinessGoOn will provide you with advice on economic-financial matters in relation to the type of investment (acquisition of participations, participative loans, «convertible notes», etc.) most appropriate to your project and the type of investor according to the stage of development in which your investment project is found.

The BusinessGoOn team has extensive experience in finding sources of business financing. We have the best collaborators, credit providers and specialists in the financial sector, both nationally and internationally, in order to find the best sources and financing structures for your company.

To achieve the strategic objectives of a company, it is necessary to know the different financing options offered by the market, such as bank debt, mezzanine, subordinated debt, equity or hybrid instruments, as well as the alternative financing markets or private placements. Our extensive experience allows us to offer a wide and effective range of solutions.

Our work includes advising on refinancing processes, obtaining new financing resources or derivatives strategies, novations or other aspects that require negotiation with current or potential funders. From the initial evaluation and strategy to the successful closing of the operation, monitoring all intermediate steps.


Business Financing



Analysis and feasibility of the project

An initial diagnosis of the viability of the investment / financing project will be carried out.


Strategy and preparation

The valuation, the blind teaser and potential investors or funders are identified.



Receipt of binding offers, start of negotiations, letter of intent and confidentiality


Closing of the operation

Due diligence, drafting of contracts and signing of the operation


Equipment and added value

Our team of professionals helps you focus on the key questions to achieve and implement the capital structuring objectives and obtain funds in line with the defined strategy.

  • You will know what is your best financing strategy for the current situation.
  • You will optimize your strategy with the best market conditions.
  • You will maximize your value to shareholders and stakeholders.


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