Takeovers, mergers, spin-offs and divestitures


Takeovers, mergers, spin-offs and divestitures

The problems that companies face are increasingly complex, they require a wide range of solutions to guarantee success in strategic decisions of companies.

A merger or acquisition can be a great asset to a company. But ensuring that every stage of the transaction process – from appraisal to negotiation to final agreement – is successful requires experience and knowledge.

In the execution of our services, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help our clients grow and act safely.



Initial strategic diagnosis

  • We help identify the best investment objectives.
  • We identify synergies and potential opportunities for improvement
  • We carry out an analysis and assessment of the target company


Advice on the transaction

  • We provide comprehensive advice on investment and divestment processes
  • We carry out due diligence with a multidisciplinary approach (financial, legal, fiscal, labor, strategic, commercial, market, operational, environmental, systems, etc.),
  • Identifying risks and contingencies in accordance with the activity and providing solutions to them
  • We help to negotiate the best terms and conditions of the transaction and to optimize the guarantees and responsibilities agreed.
  • We advise on the design and execution of the optimal structures for the transaction in order to maximize profits.


Financing structuring and investor search

  • We advise on the search and structuring of financing
  • We advise in the search for financing in capital markets and other sources of financing
  • We advise on debt restructuring processes and recapitalizations


Post-transaction advice

  • We help manage the integration process, especially in the early stages, when it is essential to stabilize the business and avoid any loss of value
  • Advice to our clients in the divestment of non-strategic business assets
  • We help improve performance in the short and medium term by reducing costs, simplifying organizational structures and processes
  • We advise you on consolidation and build up processes
  • We advise on divestment processes maximizing the return on the operation.

Equipment and added value

At BGOgrupo we have a multidisciplinary team and work in an integrated manner and in close collaboration with other professionals, lawyers, auditors, strategic consultants and industry experts, ensuring that we provide our clients with the comprehensive expertise they need.

BGOgrupo’s team of professionals has extensive experience and knowledge, which allows them to deal with this type of situations in a realistic, agile and efficient manner.

We work together with management to implement operational and value-enhancing changes taking into account the circumstances and particularities of the company and the industries in which they operate.

We know that management teams have limited time and may not have the restructuring skills available within their organization.

The BGOgrupo team, we develop and implement realistic and pragmatic plans that give the management team the confidence to tackle difficult decisions and generate change in a short period of time.


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