Tax Optimization Consulting

The business environment is continually changing and reinventing itself, and this is not unlike the legislative changes caused by the new tax regulations that seek to adapt to the new business environment.

In the business environment there are many aspects that can be planned to get the best possible return and taxes that are usually considered something especially static and immovable, is no exception.

Surely, in the development of your business activity, you have raised some of these questions on occasion:

  1. Can I optimize the payment of tax and reduce the tax burden of my company, respecting current legislation.?
  2. Do I know the tax benefits that can be applied to the company?
  3. Is it possible to increase the liquidity of my company, correctly managing the deferral in the payment of taxes?
  4. How can I carry out the succession of my company optimizing the payment of taxes, adjusted to current legislation?


The BusinessGoOn team can solve these and many other questions, which have a common denominator which is Tax Planning.

What we do?


What is tax planning?

Tax planning is a fairly unknown concept, although it can pay off well.

Tax planning has nothing to do with tax evasion. They are two totally different concepts: the first always acts within the current legislation, while the second aims to avoid paying taxes, doing it illegally. Tax planning, for its part, consists of optimizing the payment of taxes, analyzing the influence of taxes that affect us both as a natural person or as a legal person and how to act according to that knowledge so that their impact is the minimum possible . All of this within the legal framework.

In companies it is very common to make a sales and expenses budget and make a profit forecast. However, we rarely consider how taxes can influence the economic-business decisions we make.

That is precisely what tax planning is in charge of: knowing in detail our own tax panorama and optimizing its impact on our company and on a personal level.

In order to reduce the impact of taxes, the BusinessGoOn team uses various tools that are encompassed around three main objectives: deferral in the payment of taxes, tax savings and risk management.

In relation to the deferral in the payment of taxes, it helps us to make payments at the time that suits us best. For example, products such as pension plans and investment funds in personal income tax or some tax benefits in corporation tax.

Regarding tax savings, we do it by studying and analyzing the different operations and the daily operations of your activity.

In Corporation Tax, investments, accounting criteria, the possibility of applying any of the special regimes such as tax consolidation, adjustments to the tax base or applicable deductions are analyzed.

Regarding VAT, the incidence of international operations, the deductibility of the tax, the accrual of the operations or the application of the different special regimes are studied.

This tax planning is also carried out from the perspective of the partners of the companies, reviewing its impact on personal income tax, on the sale of shares, the distribution of dividends or their remuneration, on the Wealth Tax, and on future succession.

And as a consequence, anticipation is also another important key in saving taxes. The most appropriate thing is to study each year in advance and decide the appropriate actions, and not wait until the end of it to try to make corrections in a hasty manner in the case of annual taxes, such as personal income tax or equity, corporation tax, etc. .

All this by rigorously monitoring the decisions made and the implementation of the chosen alternatives.

Regarding tax risk management, it is a concept that refers above all to the possibility of making modifications in tax regulations and even in the different interpretations of the law that may arise on the part of the tax authorities and the courts. .

If we know in depth the taxes that affect us and we plan in advance each of them we can achieve significant tax savings.

Almost all taxes are plannable and the actions we decide to carry out can affect one or more of them. This is one of the bases of good tax planning: it is necessary to take into account all the taxes that affect us in the business and private environment and not consider them as watertight compartments. But interrelated with each other.


Keys to optimizing the payment of taxes

  • Consistency in planning to optimize the payment of taxes, maximize the deductions to which we are entitled, as well as having exhaustive and updated information on current tax affairs are other good practices that will help us with our tax planning.
  • The BusinessGoOn team proactively advises for optimal tax planning. To do this, we continually plan taxation, starting from the current situation and adapting it to your objectives and strategic plans of the company.
  • We delimit the risks, analyze them and minimize them, proposing concrete actions to achieve maximum coverage.
  • Advising on the different taxation alternatives for each of the taxes that are affected in said operations or business activity.
  • With our tax optimization solution, we offer companies of all types the guidelines and advice to better adapt to current tax regulations.

The planning carried out by the BusinessGoOn team revolves around three keys: anticipation, customization and updating. There is no comprehensive manual on tax planning. Each company has its own particular characteristics and the tax strategy is designed over time so that it is always optimal. The tax situation of each company must be analyzed according to the type of company, the ownership of the assets, the location of the operations, etc


Optimize the tax burden of the company

Tax planning of companies and assets

Anticipate the tax changes that are scheduled to take effect

Make investments or divestments in the least burdensome way

Fiscally optimize a new economic activity

Analysis of fiscal optimization in an activity that is being developed and wants to diversify

Prepare business succession

Organize the remuneration of partners and administrators

Review and tax audit for sale and purchase operations

Prepare the activity or company for the entry of new partners or the departure of current ones

Analysis and management of profitability / contribution margin (by products, clients, business lines.)


The experience of our team will advise you in all phases of the process to carry out an optimal Tax Strategy:


Fiscal diagnosis of the company

  • Analysis of the fiscal situation of the company
  • Options in optimizing the tax burden.
  • Analysis of tax contingencies.


Tax planning of the company

  • Setting of short, medium and long term fiscal objectives.
  • Elaboration of the fiscal strategy of the company.


Implementation of the fiscal strategy

  • Execution of the action plan established in the tax strategy.
  • Coordination with the management of the company.



  • Continuous and exhaustive periodic monitoring.
  • Adaptation and corrections to the fiscal strategy action plan.

Outsorucing of tax advice

The BusinessGoOn team of professionals, specialized in the financial-tax area, is configured as a strategic partner for the company.

With the tax advice of an external company, you will be able to count on specialized professionals, who will advise you in a personalized way and will give you an answer to all the questions of a financial-tax nature that may generate in the development of your activity, you can anticipate financial regulatory changes -fiscal, analyze the tax impact of your investments / divestments, get tax savings etc.

As a consequence, it will allow the company to focus mainly on its core business and optimize the management of human and financial resources that are not the main strategic areas of the company’s activity and thereby generate more efficiency and productivity.


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